Maybe it’s because you’re older, maybe it’s because you’re different, either way I’m pretty glad I gave you chance. You pleasantly surprise me every time. I’m excited to see where this leads.

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I’m usually really horny in the mornings but am also to lazy/drowsy/tired to masturbate. Do you see my problem here?

I need you guys to message me your best/hilarious and even vulgar pickup lines. If they could work for a girl saying it to a guy, it would be even better. It’s for my research project so all the help is very much appreciated!

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A cute regular invited me over to his house for champagne as a treat for my birthday. I should have said yes…

Ayyo, 19th birthday today! Turn upp!

I wish it was socially acceptable to pick up dudes at the gym because there are some damn good lookin boys there 😍

After breakups people are always angry, they always say they “wasted their time” but I don’t feel like I wasted my time on you. If anything, I am grateful for the time we shared together. You showed me that I am not as coldhearted as I thought I was. You showed me that I can feel, that I can love. 

And even though I never voiced that to you and am heartbroken about the fact that I cant relish in those feelings for longer, I am so happy that I met you and that I have the chance to say that I shared those fleeting moments of happiness with you.