Why wear underwear if you don’t have to?

The hours of the night seem to pass by
And the sound of the tick tock on the clock seems to grow louder by the second.
Unlike the sounds of your breathing that are faint and soothe me to sleep.
Or your warm embrace that makes me feel comfort.
I have realized there is no place I want to be more than in bed with you
For otherwise I can’t seem to sleep
My own breathing is left echoing through the empty room
No body other than my own to bounce off of
I am left alone
Surely you can understand why I miss you
And why I fear turning over to the cold side of the mattress
For that is your side
That no one shall reclaim but yourself.
Come back to bed.

And I’ve realized I don’t like sleeping without you by my side.

I want to sit on your face

Why does the good toilet paper always have to be so expensive?!

It’s been 3 months and I still miss you. You’re still on my mind more often than not. I know for a fact you’ve moved on. Hell, you probably don’t even think of me anymore. All I know is when I’m holding him in my arms I wish it was you.

Waking up to oral»>

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What do you do when you find out your boyfriends roommate is actually his ex girlfriend? And she throws you out….?